Make Money in Retirement.
How to become an online entrepreneur.

Make Money in Retirement. Tips and ideas to help you start and build an online business and earn a profitable income in your retirement.

For many seniors, retirement is a time of disappointment and regret, especially with the cost-of-living crisis. Are you disappointed because you didn’t plan better for your retirement years, and do you regret that you have to get at least a part time job to make ends meet when you had hoped to be enjoying your newfound freedom?

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If you listen to all the doom and gloom on the TV and in newspapers, the only way to survive is to batten down the hatches, stop going out, cut back on your gas and electricity usage and cancel your subscription to Netflix.

I have noticed some experts suggesting that you turn your thermostat down or wash your clothes on a cooler cycle. Let's be honest, this is not going to be enough to make a lot of difference to your monthly outgoings.

In this scenario you are just sitting at home in the cold with nothing to keep you entertained, and more importantly, nothing to keep your mind active.

Unfortunately, many senior citizens will continue to struggle like this despite the many ways they could make money in retirement, all available to them by working at home.

Most senior citizens won’t go after these opportunities because they’re afraid that…

  • they won’t know enough about the opportunity to really be successful.
  • they don’t know where to get started.

My name is Chris Curtis and my objective with this website is to pass on some tips and ideas to help you become an Online Entrepreneur and start to make money in retirement.

Becoming an Online Entrepreneur.

Online marketing is a way to earn an income based on following guidelines and creating content in many forms and then distributing that to the public – or simply directing people to the products and information they need and collecting a commission.

I am talking about Niche Marketing. Niche marketing isn’t something that’s new and it’s something that will never be outdated because people will always be going online to look for information they need. Now you can combine what you love to do or teach with what will make money for you. The information or product that you share draws people to your website because you meet their needs.

Profitable niches are ones that can work for any topic, for a wide variety of audiences and in any city, state, or country. You can launch your niche website to cover whichever topic you are interested in.

Your online business can be in relation to anything you like. You could make money in retirement like this lady Cath. She has a thriving online business all about Raising Happy Chickens. You can see her website here... Raising happy, healthy chickens in your own backyard. (

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With a second career as an online entrepreneur, you’ll be able to work from home – or travel abroad and open up your laptop and run your business while feeling like every day is a vacation!

Work from the beach, from a quaint village in a foreign country, or poolside in your backyard as you watch your grandchildren swim!

There are two basic aspects that you need to know when starting an online business.  

  • How to Get the Right Audience to Come to You!
  • How to Turn Those Site Visitors into Loyal, Paying Customers.

Get that right and you are on your way to earning a good living working from home.

So Let's Make Money In Retirement.

My aim with this website is to help you make money in retirement by introducing you to the basics of online marketing.

I will show you..

  • How to choose a Profitable Niche.
  • Building your First Website.
  • Create a steady base of loyal customers by setting up a list of subscribers.
  • See how a simple blog is a great way to start.
  • Expand your income by becoming an Affiliate.
  • Learn everything you need to know about Information Products and why you should create your own.
  • How coaching others once you have a successful business can add to your income stream.

Although it might seem like making money online is a huge secret that only a few of the lucky ones end up discovering, it really is for everyone, and it really does work. Once you have chosen your niche you will have taken your first step. Discovering your audience and then knowing what it is they’re looking for from you is part of it as well.

But you can’t look at success with making money online as several separate pieces because it all links together. You have to know which step to take first and what avenues are the ones that are going to level up your profits.

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You already have the desire to make a difference financially in your life. In fact you have probably been searching for a way to make your future better and now you have the map you’ve been looking for.

Taking that first step can be hard because fear of failure might be what you’re wrestling with, but look at it this way…if you don’t make changes, then nothing will change.

You can keep sitting there, fretting about not being able to pay the bills and not being able to pick up your important prescriptions. You can feel sad about the life you once dreamed of having during your retirement.

Or, you can take control and change your destiny.

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