About Me.

My name is Chris Curtis and I am the proprietor of this website : Mondo Printables. (ChrisCurtisOnline.com)

For most of my working life I worked in my family bakery and delicatessen business in Solihull, England before we sold the business around 18 years ago.

Since then I have worked as a coach driver for Johnsons Coaches near Stratford Upon Avon. When I reached retirement age I decided to just work part-time driving coaches and look for a better way to boost my retirement income.

After a few false starts early on I started thinking about starting what is known as a Side Hustle.

Life After 60.

Coach driving is not a very healthy occupation, particularly with the hours worked, sitting for most of the day and often eating unhealthy food in a motorway service station.

I therefore took the opportunity of being at home more and started to research the best ways for a 60 something person to find ways to keep the money coming in.

This website and my Colouring and Activity Book business is the result of that research.

I want to try and connect with as many people as possible and give you access to all the new stuff that I am learning every day.

Please follow me in my journey as I develop both my new online business.

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