Building a Mailing List.
Tips on building your list of subscribers.

Building a Mailing List. A list is an asset which will create sales, deliver valuable content, and build trust and rapport with your customers. 

building a mailing list

Having a list of loyal subscribers means you don’t have to continue working hard for every single sale. If you fail to build a list, then you’re constantly shuffling around online trying to get traffic to your blog so you can earn a commission.

If you capture the name and email addresses from your visitors instead, then you can simply send out an email that informs and educates them about something related to your niche, and maybe offer an insight on an item they might wish to buy.

The only thing you have to remember is that it’s a privilege to be given access to someone’s email inbox, so you have to treat your subscribers well so that you aren’t seen as intrusive and annoying. Or worse, you could be seen as a spammer.

Building a Mailing List.

No matter what you’re selling online, one thing you need to be doing is building a mailing list. That’s because a mailing list is one of your most valuable assets. Even if your traffic sources all dry up, you will still be okay as long as you have your list.
And even if your products somehow disappeared off the face of the earth, you could still make money as long as you have your list.

1. An Enticing Lead Magnet.

This could be a free e-book, video, app, e-course or anything else that has the following characteristics.

  • It’s easy to deliver. (Typically, a digital download that you deliver automatically through your autoresponder.)
  • It’s something your prospects really want. (Hint: do your market research to find out what it is that people really want.)
  • It has a high perceived value.
  • It solves a specific problem.
  • It sells something else on the backend.

2. A Compelling Lead Page.

Even though your lead magnet is free, people aren’t going to knock down your door to claim it unless you build its value. That’s why you need to create a lead page that persuades people to fill in your opt-in form.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Be sure your lead page looks polished and professional.
  • Lead with your product’s main benefits.
  • Arouse curiosity about the lead magnet if possible. (With the idea being that the only way to satisfy that curiosity is by opting in.)
  • Offer a call to action to get people opting in.

3. A Reputable Autoresponder.

This includes the well-established services such as,, and similar.

If you absolutely don’t have the budget for an email autoresponder, then get started with a tool like Mail Chimp which offers a free service up to  certain number of subscribers

If you take a look at Solo Build It! (SBI!) you will see that amongst other benefits it includes an Autoresponder in the price, so you don't have to pay extra until your business is established.

4. An Initial Autoresponder Sequence.

Generally, this multipart sequence should promote your tripwire product. A tripwire is an irresistible, low-priced offer whose sole purpose is to convert a potential customer into an actual customer.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Offer an informational sequence that’s useful (to build good relationships and keep people reading), yet incomplete (which helps you steer people towards paid products).
  • Provide a three to seven-part sequence that’s informative and engaging. Each email should build anticipation for upcoming emails. E.G., “Next time you’ll discover a little-known trick for getting rid of cellulite!”
  • Craft benefit-driven, curiosity arousing subject lines to get your prospect to open the e-mail. E.G., “Start a six-figure business for just $47?”
  • Use responsive templates in your emails, as a large number of your subscribers will be reading your message from their mobile phones.
  • Track and test your emails. It’s the only way to know what’s really working in terms of email subject lines, sales copy, calls to action, and even the offers themselves.

5. A Commitment to Maintaining Your List.

It won't do you any good to go through all these steps if you don’t intend to email your list regularly. So, commit to emailing them on at least a weekly basis, and you’ll see your list profits grow!

6. More Tips for Building a Mailing List.

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Whenever you go through the process of setting up your email autoresponder, make sure you provide a P.O. Box as the address or else it will show your home address to everyone who subscribes to your list.

Make sure you go in and set up a welcome email for your new subscribers that they will receive after they confirm their email address. You want to use a system that makes them confirm their subscription so that you’re not accused of spamming anyone without their permission.

In your welcome email, make sure you share the link to whatever opt in gift you offered, like a short report. Invite the reader to contact you if and when they need help and give them a link or instructions on how to do that.

Set up your opt in form on the sidebar of your blog and share it at the bottom of each blog post as well. You can have a little eCover made if you’re giving away a short report and have that positioned right above the opt in form on your blog.

When it comes time to use your email list, you’ll log in and choose between a follow up or broadcast email. A follow up email is good for if you want new subscribers to see whatever you email out about from here on out.

But if it’s something that might be temporary, like a coupon for a sale, that wouldn’t go into your follow up series because it will eventually expire, and people 6 months down the road would get an expired promo code.

Broadcast emails are emails that go out to everyone on your list at that time. But people who join months or years (or even days) down the road wouldn’t see this email. Some people strictly use broadcast emails while others strictly use follow up emails.

If you do use follow up emails, make sure everything stays up to date. If a link gets broken or a site gets deleted, you’ll want to make sure you edit and repair it in that email so that future subscribers don’t see it.

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