Create a Vision Board. The purpose of a Vision Board is to prove that you have all the information and time in the world and to show that you are ready to receive your dream.

The start of the new year is a time when people make resolutions, review their accomplishments, and contemplate their goals.

Often we talk about goals and resolutions, but often we don't take enough time to set up the ways to achieve these goals. It's not until we get beyond the initial excitement that roadblocks start to show up.

One of the easiest ways to overcome these roadblocks to manifesting your goals is the vision board. Most of us have seen them, posted on the Facebook walls of our friends, and we've probably even seen some that make us go 'hmm'.

Your vision board is meant to be powerful. You are creating the words and images that will be with you for the rest of your life.

In order to create a vision board, it is important that you understand two things: Intention and Purpose. Weak intention and weak purpose equals weak vision board.

Create A Vision Board.

vision board

When you create a vision board, you need to understand its purpose and your attitude towards it. The vision board is primarily set up to show that you are ready to receive your dream.

The reason most people don't get what they want is that they think they need more information or time. The mission of the vision board is to prove that you have all the information and time in the world.

You should choose the pictures and words for the vision board deliberately. You want to choose the ones that really make you get excited. Write down specific goals and post it up so that you can see them every day. It is crucial that you are clear on what your dream looks like.

The vision board is not a miracle. But if you have the right mindset and ambition, it can work for you.

How to Use The Law Of Attraction to Create a Vision Board.

A vision board will help you to see what it is that you want the Law of Attraction to do for you. You can have a board for each area of your life or you can have a board that focuses on one area at time. Our brains take visual snapshots and hold on to what we visualize. It’s easier to keep focused on what we can see.

What you’ll need: something to attach the pictures on. Most people use a piece of poster board or a board like you see used in a child’s science fair project. Whatever you prefer is fine.

You’ll also need a way to attach the items onto your vision board. You can use tape or you can use stick glue. You might also want to get some labels for your vision board.

What many people do when creating their vision board is to take pictures of what they want the Law of Attraction to bring into their lives and attach them to their board. You can do this by going through magazines or printing images offline. Some people also use photographs that they’ve taken themselves.

vision board 2

You can do this and by arranging the pictures, create a beautiful collage of what you want to see happen. This might be pictures of a new home or a new vehicle or the direction you’d like to see your career take.

What you can also do is to put up certain phrases that help you focus as well as bits of words - your own or something else’s - like quotes that help you to affirm your focus.

The look of your vision board will depend on how much or how little you want to do with your board. You can put a lot of energy into it or just have something simple that helps you to visualize what you want.

When you can see images, it helps you imagine and believe that the image can happen for you. Whatever you place on your vision board needs to be an image or words that stir you, that make your emotions come to light and make you feel happy or passionate or moved.

Some of the categories you might want on your vision board could include wealth, love and relationships, health, career or material possessions.

Scripting Your Dream Life Into Reality.

Dream life scripting is a law of attraction technique which involves writing a narrative that you intend to make a reality. The reason this technique is so effective is due to the fact that our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between real life and imagination so this in turn makes it much easier for us to manifest our dreams and desires in reality.

Dream life scripting is also based on a 3 different areas; the area of visualization, the area of imagination and the area of feeling. These areas work together in order to exactly "script" what it is that you want in your life.

These elements are created in the mind and therefore it can be used to write about anything that you want including goals, dreams and desires. As long as the narrative is coherent and follows a logical flow, there is no specific format or style.

Make sure that you focus on each aspect of the script and that its "feeling" feels genuine to you. This means you should be mindful when you are scripting and avoid writing in a robotic manner. It is more than just talking about what you want, it is about feeling how you want to feel whilst living your dream life.

4 Tips to help you Create a Vision Board.

1. Reflection.

Reflect on the past year - The best way to set goals is by reflecting on your past successes and drawing from that knowledge. This helps you to create measurable goals and maintain progression in specific aspects of your life. 

2. Assess your areas for improvement.

Next, ask yourself what areas of your life do you want to grow in? The easiest way to do this is to break it down into the following areas: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, physical, environmental, occupational, and financial.

It is important to think about all of these different areas of life because in actual fact, they all work in synergy with each other. By only considering 1 or 2 areas , it can actually have the effect of negatively impacting the other areas in life thus affecting your life balance overall.

3. Don't forget the Fun Stuff.

Describe your dream vacation spots, new things you'd like to experience, fun things you'd like to do, new foods you'd like to try, anything you can think of!

4. Set The Mood.

Once you have an idea of what you'd like to focus your board on, the next step is to set the mood. Light some candles. Turn up the music. Do whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed, happy and ready to create your vision board.

Some people choose to meditate before they start working on their boards. The more centred you are, the better results you will get from this process!

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