Low Content Publishing Tips.
Building A Profitable Business On Amazon or Etsy.

Low Content Publishing Tips. Learn how you can create journals, planners, activity books and colouring books that sell regularly on these platforms.

Low content publishing is a great way to build an online business. You can create products quickly and easily and have them up for sale on the biggest marketplaces around; and without having to create systems or funnels to draw in your customers.

What Is Low Content Publishing?

Low content books include all the following:

  • Journals
  • Calendars
  • Colouring Books
  • Planners 
  • Sketch Books
  • Composition Books
  • Notepads
  • Prayer Books
  • Trackers
  • Activity Books
  • Printables

And just about anything else that involves very little-to-no content.

Here’s the beauty of publishing low-content books:

colouring pages
  • Low content publishing doesn’t take a lot of time. Once you’ve created your initial inventory of products, you can easily expand on your offers or outsource everything!
  • It doesn’t require any previous experience. You can use existing templates that come with commercial-use rights and sell them as your own.
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started.
  • It doesn’t require any writing skills whatsoever. Since these are low content books, they are based on lined journal styles or colouring pages, rather than any text.
  • The truth is, with low content publishing, you can get started in less than a couple hours. The learning curve is minimal and once you’ve cut your teeth on the process you can quickly go on to produce loads of additional journals, colouring books and activity books.

Low Content Publishing Tips. Getting Started.

The easiest way to show you what you’ll be creating is to send you over to Amazon so you can see a profitable low content book in action.

Click the “Look Inside” button so you can see what the interior templates look like. Then quickly scan the book description as well.

Title: The One-Minute Gratitude Journal
URL: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1523242701

Notice how simple these journals and planners books are. They feature an attractive cover and a basic interior.  Low content books can be as detailed or as simple as you want them to be.  In fact, you could create one lined-journal template and upload it again and again with different covers!

Low Content Vs Medium Content.

There is a move away from describing everything as low content. Low content now refers to printables with lined interiors such as Journals and notebooks.

Items such as Colouring Books, Activity Books are now known as Medium Content Books as they have more and varied interiors. 

Colouring Books

trains of the world

Colouring-in provides hours of fun for everyone regardless of their age.

This is one of my Colouring Books which is available from Amazon or as a Digital Download from my Etsy Store.

Trains Of The World Colouring Book.

Colouring Books For Kids.

Colouring-in is much more than a fun way of keeping your kids entertained. It is also a very important tool in your child’s development. It can enhance their motor skills, teach them how to hold a pencil properly and improve their coordination and handwriting.

Colouring Books For Adults.

It used to be that only kids loved to colour, but now studies have shown that colouring actually reduces stress and so is beneficial for adults, too.

Just like meditation, colouring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety. It can be particularly effective for people who aren't comfortable with more creatively expressive forms of art. Art therapy is also helpful among people dealing with a variety of other conditions, such as depression, dementia, anxiety,

Finding Hot Niches.

Low Content Publishing Tips for finding hot niches.

Step 1: Research Consistently.

There are many ways to uncover hot niche markets, but we’ll start with Amazon since that’s where we’ll be publishing our low-content books.

If you plan to publish via Lulu.com, Etsy, or other publishing houses, you should still use Amazon to gauge profitability and overall demand.

publisher rocket

Here’s the tool I use to simplify the process: Publisher Rocket.

Publisher Rocket is one of my favourite tools for evaluating the profitability of journals and other low and medium content books on Amazon.

After researching so many different Amazon-based tools, Publisher Rocket seems to be the most reliable when it comes to digging deep into the various niches to figure out how many books are likely to sell each month.

With Publisher Rocket, you’re also able to uncover keywords that you’ll use within your book listing and descriptions on Amazon to increase visibility and sell more books.  It’s a very useful tool for helping spot hot niche markets.

Click Here for more information on Publisher Rocket.

Here are a few other low content publishing tips for places you can go to find niches with die-hard fans who will gladly buy low and medium content books:

Facebook Groups. 

This is by far one of the easiest ways to scout for hot niche markets.  Look for groups that are very specialized and have 200 or more members and are active.

You can locate groups at: https://www.facebook.com/groups. Click “Discover” and enter in a few keywords to find relevant groups.

You can also dig deeper into niche markets by using Facebook’s Audience Insights tool.

This is a great way to identify sub-niches with people who may be a viable audience for your books.


I absolutely love browsing subreddits when researching potential markets because it gives me an instant snapshot of hot topics and trends. Subreddits are niche-based communities so you’ll find a ton of useful information there.

You can take a look here: https://www.reddit.com/subreddits/search


You’ll not only be able to find hot niche markets for your journals and colouring books just by browsing through the different categories on Etsy, but you can quickly pick out popular items that people are buying and then create journals etc. around those in-demand templates.

You can also sell your low and medium content books there as a printable download just by creating your own shop!


You can use Google’s search bar in the same way that you use Amazon’s.

Low Content Publishing Tip:  When you’re researching, you’ll want to create a swipe file (just use a notepad) to keep track of potential keywords. 

If you don’t know where to begin, or what keywords to enter to find potential niches, start by writing down every profitable umbrella niche you can think of.  Umbrella niches are the larger niches that you’ll later drill down into.

For example, gratitude journals are part of an umbrella niche. They’re a great place to start, but to stand out, you want your low-content books to cater to a very specific segment of that market.

So instead of just publishing a general gratitude journal, consider creating any of the following so that you’re intersecting niches:

  • Gratitude journals for first-time moms.
  • Gratitude journals for newlyweds first year.
  • Gratitude journals for memorial services.
  • Gratitude notebooks for people suffering from depression.

All the above examples include intersecting niches, such as people who like gratitude journals and first time moms, or newlyweds, or people suffering from anxiety or depression.

The idea is to always niche down.  Dig beneath the surface of a larger niche so you can tailor your books to a specific audience, and you’ll always outsell those who just go for the top-level, broader markets.

Next Steps.

I hope these low content publishing tips have shown you how easy and profitable this side hustle is.

There are plenty of courses and information available online. YouTube has plenty of free videos showing how to produce books to sell on Amazon KDP 

KDP is Amazon's print on demand service. Upload your PDF file of your book to the KDP platform and when someone buys your book Amazon will print and despatch. You do not have to hold any stock.

With Etsy you can sell Printables that your customer can download as a PDF file and print off at home.

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