Getting Traffic To A Website.
Blogging to Bring Visitors to Your Site

Getting Traffic to a Website. Posting creative and valuable content to your blog is the best way to generate a flow of interested visitors to your website.

As you embark on your journey to building your online business in the niche you have chosen, you will be sharing ideas and thoughts as well as opinions and news on your new blog platform. 

So what will you blog about? Let’s look at a few ideas to help you brainstorm a list of blog topics. One thing you might want to do is find a printable calendar (or buy one) and jot down potential topics so that each morning, you simply open the calendar and choose the topic.

golf training balls

As I have said, the best way of getting traffic to a website is to talk about what people in your niche are interested in.

The topic you choose should be those that your readers are searching for. So using a good keyword tool (free or paid) is a nice way to discover what your audience needs. For example, if you have a golf blog, and you want to know what those readers are searching for, you might start out by entering the words golf training into the keyword tool.

From there, you may see the phrase golf training balls so you click on that to “drill down” and see what people specifically want to know. You find the phrase golf training balls: foam or plastic and you know that a blog post comparing the two options would be something that your readers might enjoy.

More Ways Of Getting Traffic To A Website.

Another thing you can do is post about any breaking news in your niche. To find out what’s in the news for your niche, you can set up what’s known as a Google Alert, where each day’s news and information hits your inbox. Or you can simply go to Google and type in a keyword or phrase from your niche and click on search and the news tab.

Giving your readers tips in a blog post is a great way to develop loyalty. Blog readers love things like, “7 Ways to Keep Wrinkles at Bay” or “5 Tips for Catching More Bass.” Numbered blog posts for tips are very popular.

You can also do step-by-step tip posts. With these, you’re sharing a bite-sized snippet of information, such as, “3 Steps to Improve Your Marriage Today.” They don’t have to be posts with 101 tips.

It is a good idea to tweak your headlines or titles. If you want to keep people hooked and reading, then you need to create attention-getting headlines for every single post you publish.

E.G., “Discover The Anti-Aging Secret Your Plastic Surgeon Hopes You Never Find Out!”

pixabay computer image

When you want to bring traffic to a website, make sure you don’t stick with only using text content. A good variety of images and videos will help break up the text and make your blog more interactive. You can get images to use on your blog using stock photo sites. Some of the best ones are:

  • – A site where you pay to use the images and there are thousands of stock photos in many sizes that you can use.
  • is a free stock photo site which offers plenty of free images for you to use.

Q&A sessions are an awesome way to bond with your readers. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Obviously, if you have a blog readership, then you can poll (or survey) your readers and find out what questions they have for you.

But what if you’re new to blogging and don’t yet have anyone to poll? You could go out and search for common questions in your niche and answer them yourself. So your blog post would simply say, “Q&A for FAQ” and you would start off by saying you wanted to address some common questions about survival, or anti aging, or golf or whatever topic you’re blogging about.

You don’t need to fib and say they’re questions that came in from your readers. Be truthful at all times with your audience and they will appreciate the transparency and develop loyalty to you for that.

Guest Blog Posting: One of the most effective ways to increase your blog traffic is by posting original content for other blogs related to your niche topic. Look for popular blogs and check is they have guest posting guidelines and submit your content. Also, start building relationships with other bloggers in your niche, so they are more likely publish your content. When you guest post, you get to promote your website in a byline, so people who love your content will be interested in coming to your site for more.

Another good blog post to make is just about your personal journey within the niche. Cover common struggles you’ve had, successes (big and small) and mindset evolutions.

Remember to blog regularly and this will keep people coming back for more. This means posting new content at least weekly, though depending on the type of blog you have, you may post daily.

Always Include a Call to Action. (CTA).

Every post that you publish should have a reason for being there. As I have mentioned before, when you are brainstorming the types of posts you want to include on your blog think about your goals. A goal, to be effective, needs to be able to be converted to a call to action.

Don't be afraid to sell something on every single post that you publish within the text, in an advertisement in between paragraphs, through sidebar links, pop-ups or slides, and via content upgrades to help convert people to your email list. If your audience can easily consume the free content you’re providing, giving them more ways to buy will improve sales. Don’t be fearful of doing this. Yes, some people may get mad and go away. But they aren’t your target audience anyway.

When developing your CTAs, it’s important to use clear language that provokes enthusiasm, provides a reason (solves pain points) for your audience to act, limits the time they can act, and shows proof that the solution works for other people just like them. Additionally, the CTA button when one is used should be very prominent and use words that demand action rather than “buy now” say something like: “Yes! I want my Freedom Now!”

Conclusion. Getting Started.

Getting more prospects and making more sales with blogging can be a lucrative full-time business if you remember to develop plans using sound research methods. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Don’t be afraid of competition. Create a plan, put it into a calendar with action steps, and then do the steps you need to do each day to make your goals a reality.

  • Study the Niche.
  • Know your Audience
  • Understand Your Competitors
  • Create and Publish Content Regularly.
  • Include a CTA

It really is that simple to get more prospects and more sales with blogging when you know what type of content to publish, who you’re publishing it for, and you offer products and or services that you know the audience already wants and needs. The only thing left now is for you to get started.

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